Offerts (English)#

I would warn you from diffrent person who try offer my bots. The only thing you can get is a keylogger. Second, it's very easy to put simple code and steal your account. So, if you want to have guarantee that situation not happen, you just buy the whole of me. I'm programmer, not cheater and a thief.

All codes are updated on the latest round. Scripts don't have any problems with the BotHunter, break the lock scripts, hold your horses etc. Now I sell new version 4.01, adapted to last changes in the game and provide a lot of new options.

This subpage is headed deals for all the players. Now everybody can buy my bots and have fun in the game. At the moment I offer two packages:

First (price 100$)

This toys is for players who like robs, catch drugs, or make big respect. Acer is a monstrum, you can make single or group robberies, buy drugs, play Casino, have some techniques for protect your stats when you rob and a lot of other options. Rest (Style and Filter) make that game is run faster.

Second (price for negotiation)

This toys is for players who like hunts 1vs1 or GA, I'm not kidding, hunting will never be so easy. It's very useful and dangerous for all who hunt normal style (manual style).


You can watch how it work on Youtube (but not Hunt - don't make this video yet). I don't have English descriptions for all scripts on my page, but you can use Google Translate on Polish text. For foreign customers I provides only the latest, third version (very powerful and useful toys). In this scripts I put a lot of options created over many editions (version 2.01 don't have it). Probably at this moment there not exist nothing better.


I only accepts a real cash. Do not offer me any credits or stats. You can send $$ to:

For more information please contact to me. We will discuss and agree details of a transaction.

There is only one possibility to pay (not for cash). If you live in Australia or Asia (or have family or friends in this continent), you can send to me ants that you see on the photo on logo site. This is Oecophylla smaragdina (I preffer green species). But the condition is that, I want all colony (queen + workers), not only workers. Watch this (video1, video2, video3, video4). So if someone have that possibility, just write to me.


Obviously you not pay only for files, I help run everything and explain all options what you need. The same applies to changes in the game, when Memox put something news, I make upgrade and send new version (without taking cash).

Of cours this applies to all persons who don't give this toys for next player, so less that in mind.

New idea#

I stop play this game some time ago, so my news is not much. If you have any interesting ideas for improving the whole I see no problems, just write to me.

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